Jo was so helpful to me when she taught the Concealed Carry class. She made me feel comfortable and able to ask any questions. She thoroughly taught safety and skills using books, literature, props and hands on experience with firearms and ammunition.
When I was at the firing range I felt ready to handle, aim and fire the firearm.
What a great experience for a novice like me. If I can do this you can too! I highly recommend Jo as your instructor.

Linda, Orange City, FL

I have taken two classes from Empower Firearms Training: the Fempower class, and the Concealed Carry class.
The Fempower class is the place to start if you are new to handguns, or are uncomfortable around handguns but want some exposure to them in a safe environment. We learned about different types of handguns and how to handle them safely, which included loading them with dummy ammunition (there is no live ammunition in class) and firing at a laser target. You'll quickly get over any nervousness you may have about handling firearms. This class is great for women of any age (and men, too) who want to start learning about firearms.
The Concealed Carry class included classroom training and range time. We learned about handgun safety, ammunition, and shooting posture, and spent time at the range firing our weapons. You don't need any experience to take this class, and you can take it even if you don't own a gun (you can use one of the instructor's handguns at the range). This is a great way to get instruction and range experience, and to gain confidence in handling a firearm.
Jo, the instructor, is knowledgeable and professional. She teaches at the pace of her students, and creates a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for learning and asking questions. I highly recommend her classes, whether you are handling a gun for the first time, getting a weapon to keep in the house, or qualifying to obtain your concealed carry permit.

Marti, Deland, FL

I attended the Fempower Firearms Training class taught by Jo at a local gun shop. I was just starting to learn about firearms & felt a little intimidated by the knowledgeable guys behind the counters of the gun stores. It was a relief to find a class just for women. Jo is a true experienced teacher & did a great job covering the basics of safety, types of firearms, ammo, & holsters. It was a terrific hands on class!  Jo has continued to be a great resource even after the class for any questions or concerns that I have had.  I would highly recommend any class taught by Jo.

 Barbara, Clearwater, FL

As I went to take the Concealed Carry Class I was so nervous but Jo had me feeling relaxed in no time. Her emphasis on safety made me comfortable handling a handgun. Her knowledge and encouragement helped me tremendously both during class and on the range.

Pamela, Orange City, FL

I was very pleased with Jo's presentation of the Concealed Carry course that I attended with my wife. She made us feel comfortable and welcome. The props were very realistic. They helped us to understand the parts of a weapon, how it worked and prepared us for the range.
At the range she was at our side the whole time with help and advice if needed. Safety was exemplified at all times. To summarize, it was a very pleasant experience and I would highly recommend her.

Art, Orange City, FL