So you have your Concealed Carry Weapons License.....

But in the past 6 months, have you :

Fired your weapon?

Loaded and unloaded your weapon?

Drawn, presented and re-holstered your weapon?

Practiced quick draw?

Shot rapid fire?

Shot at multiple targets?

Practiced high speed magazine changes?

Practiced drills in stressful situations in the past 6 months?

Or has your weapon sat in your night-stand (or some location other than on your person) since you got your license?

If you answered "no" to most of the first 8 questions and "yes" to the last one, here's another question for you.

How confident are you that you could effectively use your weapon in a crisis situation to protect yourself and family?

EFT is pleased to host a graduated dynamic training platform for advancing your skill sets in the effective use of your firearm.

This type of training is not permitted on public ranges.

S.T.A.T. uses our private facility which guarantees exclusive focus for our students. The program is designed using drills to increase both confidence and skills. There are no tests - instead students can progress at their own pace and attend repeats of each level at a discounted rate until they are ready to advance. Training is priced at an affordable rate to allow students to concentrate on their lessons rather than the price tag.

5 levels of training are offered and proficiency must be proved at each level to advance to the next. Classes are limited to a small number of students and fill up quickly. Applications are currently being accepted for Spring/Summer 2019. The cost is $35 per session. Please email us at info@empowerfirearmstraining.com or use our "Contact Us" page to book  your spot. GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE FOR S.T.A.T.