Empower Firearms Training offers all the training detailed on this website in classes specifically for LGBT clients. In addition,we are forming the RAINBOW SHOOTING CLUB and are currently inviting members from the LGBT Community to join. The Club is expected to start in the Summer 2018 and a register of interested shooters is being compiled now. It will meet once a month in the Deland area and offers the following services :
Meetings consist of a combination of instructional seminars from speakers on topics such as Safety Class For New Gun Owners (where your instructor will be a professional Gunsmith and you will learn safe weapons operation, handling and cleaning), Home Security Tips and Advice (from a Certified Master Locksmith who will teach you how to make your home less attractive to criminals), Non Lethal Self Defense (instruction from Black Belt Martial Artists) etc and competitions and live-fire at the range. This is a unique club that provides professional instruction and regular live-fire range time under Certified Instructor supervision. Annual membership is $35 per person plus $35 payable for each monthly event attended. In the interests of safety, the number of attendees will be limited so additional dates and times may be announced.
If you have questions regarding any of this information please email Jo and she will be happy to assist you.

PINK PISTOLS  was established in 2000 and now has active Chapters nationwide. They get together at local firing ranges to practice shooting, and to acquaint people new to firearms with them. They will help you select a firearm, acquire a permit, and receive proper training in its safe and legal use for self-defense. They believe that the more people know that members of the LGBT Community may be armed, the less likely they will be to single them out for attack. Following the terrorist attack at the gay night club Pulse in Orlando, there has been an increased demand for this type of information and many new Chapters have been formed. Empower Firearms Training is pleased to announce its support of Pink Pistols and has responded by forming PINK PISTOLS OF CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER - where our goal is to encourage a professional, safe and comfortable learning environment in the field of firearms and self protection for the LGBT Community and to ensure that our Second Amendment Rights are cherished and upheld for every law abiding American. There is no fee to participate in a Pink Pistols Chapter. At our meetings we discuss issues concerning the Second Amendment. This Chapter is organized by Jo who is an NRA Certified Instructor with Empower Firearms Training. Please email for details of the Chapter.  

Armed Gays Don't Get Bashed!




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